How can we deliver the AIMS of the maths curriculum?

Early indicators bring aims of the curriculum to the fore

During our Research and Development phase, all the primary schools in our area of Northern Ireland were invited to attend a science event in the Millennium Forum, Derry. Prior to the event, we contacted each school and asked if we could work with a small group of their pupils for 15 minutes at a time. These children had never seen Izak9 cubes before.


We asked the children 3 questions:

  • to make a comparison between 2 walls of numbers
  • to find the the product of 3 numbers
  • to find the sum of 5 numbers.

The video below showcases the diversity of response.

This clip presents merely a glimpse of the opportunities for problem solving, variation, fluency, reasoning and depth that we are now fortunate enough to witness children experiencing, every day, while using Izak9 in classrooms all over Ireland and the UK.

To give your pupils and teachers access to Izak9, please contact us using the link below.

Request a Demo of Izak9



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