Maths Research to Reality – what makes an Izak9 Superuser?

Since Izak9’s creation almost 4 years ago, we have more than 600 schools across the island of Ireland using Izak9 in classrooms, helping to raise standards in the teaching and learning of maths, as well as supporting key projects such as transition and shared education. Many universities the length and breadth of the country are now using Izak9 for teacher training and we have many more schools in Scotland, Wales, mainland Europe and further afield using the resource, for a great variety of purpose.

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 19.09.33

Above picture taken at a Parish Maths event for year 4 children from Rosemount PS, Model PS, St. Anne’s PS and St. Eugene’s PS

Many of our Izak9 users are magnificent classroom practitioners and are hugely passionate about teaching and learning. They are also not afraid to take risks in pushing the boundaries when it comes to experimenting with innovative practice, in an attempt to heighten the quality of the learning experiences of their pupils.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 09.44.08

In recognition of this outstanding work, we have designed a training programme that incorporates the completion of school based milestones, so that these brilliant teachers can achieve ‘Izak9 Superuser’ status. This status means that they have their own page on the Izak9 and Qubizm websites, which showcases leading practice in the use of Izak9 and the raising of standards in the teaching and learning of maths across their whole school community,

Superuser Programme

The training programme itself is not about how to use Izak9, as this doesn’t require training, it is about the extent to which Izak9 can be used to invoke recent leading research in the teaching and learning of mathematics and bring it to life in the classroom. We look closely at:

  • a teacher’s own relationship with mathematics
  • core beliefs around how maths should be taught and learned
  • open-mindset
  • qualitative vs quantitative approaches
  • formative assessment

During these sessions we marry the aspirations of research findings with the real-life tangible classroom opportunities provided by Izak9. Teachers are given the chance to evaluate and reflect on the training day and subsequently complete school based milestones using Izak9 for a variety of purpose. Examples of such milestones are the submission of evidence showing:

The outcome is that those successfully completing their milestones are certified as Izak9 Superusers who are helping raise standards in the teaching and learning of maths in their own school and community.

Our first cohort of Superusers can be viewed here and more are being added on a weekly basis.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 10.26.06

If you are interested in introducing Izak9 to your school or already have Izak9 and are interested in the Superuser Programme, please contact us immediately on


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